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About us
About us

The largest market in the world is ready for a revolution

Tendium was founded because we saw the opportunity to streamline public procurement using AI.

Hannes Dernehl

CEO, Tendium

Tendium develops intelligent services helping companies to succeed in public procurement

We’re using the latest breakthroughs in machine learning and language technology, to cut out the cumbersome procedures of public procurement.

In the future a large part of the work around public tendering will be automated, simpler for both suppliers and buyers.

That future is here, NOW.

The global public procurement market is enormous

In Sweden approximately 20,000 public contracts are awarded every year for a total value of over 75 billion Euros.

In the European Union the public market generates 2 trillion euros in revenue. Worldwide that amount is over 10 trillion dollars.

We are early movers

Our team of programmers and business developers has been working since 2018 to develop an AI-driven platform for intelligent monitoring of public procurements, opportunity analysis, and bid automation.

Our first product was released in Sweden in May 2020

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