About Tendium

We are changing the future of public procurement

We believe in a future where everyone can participate in public procurement. With digitisation and automation Tendium streamlines and modernises the tendering process. We provide automated workflows, greater control, better quality – but above all peace of mind to those of you who work with bidding.

What drives us at Tendium?

Innovation, empathy and passion

We are driven to strive forward – to simplify, improve and change public procurement. Empathy, passion and openness are core values that permeate our business internally and externally. We recruit talent, educate for development and work with the understanding that digitisation can never completely replace human creation.

Our vision is that we should get the best value for our tax money by making it easier for companies to sell to the public sector. We are certain that smart tools and the right guidance can simplify a complex market. Join us and strive forward!

What we stand for

Forward thinking

Even small changes make waves. We keep all paths forward open.


Progress requires engagement and empathy. We listen, and act.


Simple and clear. A good product can be used by anyone.


Think smart, work smart. We believe in the help of technology making the hard thing easy


Openness is at the heart of a genuine business


Quality comes from talent. We see and make the best of every individual’s unique potential and our teams develop with a combination of support and individual responsibility.

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