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We’re transforming the future of public procurement

We believe in a future where the public sector market is accessible for all businesses. Through AI and modern workflows we make it smarter, simpler and quicker to find leads and bid on public tenders. When more businesses are active in the public sector market, it benefits healthy competition, efficient use of our tax funds, and good public service.

Innovative suppliers win public tenders with Tendium

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What drives us at Tendium?

We are motivated by the desire to move forward – to simplify, improve, and change public procurement. Empathy, passion, and openness are core values guiding our work internally and externally. We recruit talent, train for development, and act with the awareness that AI and digitalisation never fully can replace human creativity.

Our vision is that every penny of taxpayers’ money goes further by making it easier for businesses to sell to the public sector. We are confident that smart tools and the right guidance can simplify a complex market. Join us on our journey forward!

Team Tendium

Our values


The smallest of improvements can have a big impact. We seek all paths ahead.


Progress requires commitment and empathy. We listen, and we act.


Clear and simple. A good product can be used by everyone.


Think smart, work smart. We believe in tech simplifying the difficult.


Openness is the core of both a healthy organisation and a healthy society.


From talent, quality grows. We value the unique potential of each individual.

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Data-driven bidding

Bidding on public tenders is time-consuming work that requires efficient and well-designed processes. In this article, we delve into why efficient project management is crucial in the bidding process, and how it impacts both the bid team and business outcomes.

Elin Lööw

May 8, 2024
Data-driven bidding

Writing a bid is no small feat. The amount of work with a short deadline makes AI a valuable resource in bid writing. In this article, we give you a small taste of it can look like!

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May 2, 2024
Data-driven bidding

Tight deadlines, juggling multiple bids, tender monitoring, and countless questions to answer - time is crucial in the bidding process. In this article, we explore how bid teams can manage time constraints, combat stress, inefficient processes, and free up time to improve their business with the public sector.

Elin Lööw

April 24, 2024
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