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We’re transforming the future of public procurement

At Tendium we believe that everyone should feel empowered to participate in public procurement. So we’re building the tools to do just that.

Our platform centralises tender data and uses digitalisation and automation to modernise the entire tendering process from end to end. This means more efficient, transparent, and accessible procurement – for the benefit of governments, businesses and people alike.

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Big problems, simple solutions. One team of talented people.

In 2022, there’s a lot of smart technology that’s under leveraged and plenty of not so smart government spending. We’re a bunch of (kinda smart) people trying to change that.

We may use AI, but more than anything we believe in the people behind it. That’s why kindness, flexibility, and trust are at the core of everything we do at Tendium.

Government spending doesn’t have to be convoluted. We’re here to prove it. Are you?

What makes us Tendium


We really believe in the work that we do. And with some pretty big goals in sight, we each take initiative to make sure they happen.


Things are pretty flat around here. We work in flexible teams and trust you to bring your best work – no matter where you sit in the org chart.


True to our Swedish roots, we’re down to earth and build genuine connections. Though we’re passionate, there’s no need to boast – our work speaks for itself.


Think smart, work smart. We respect each others’ time and work. So we do what’s needed for the biggest impact, as simply as possible.


We’re constantly improving how we do things with new ideas, big or small. We want to hear yours – because the best work happens when all voices are heard.

Growing Together

We know that if you thrive, we thrive. At Tendium we challenge ourselves (and you!) to make the best of each person’s unique potential.

Curious? Confused? Or just really excited?

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AI, the new Civil Servant?

OpenAI developed chatbot ChatGPT has gained widespread attention. But did you know that Tendium is powered by similar technology? In this first part of our series 'AI, the new Civil Servant?', we deep dive into NLP and it's impact on society.

Elin Lööw

on January 10, 2023

We at Tendium are happy to present a new collaboration with Byggfakta, where together we make public procurement easier for suppliers in the construction sector.

Elin Lööw

on December 8, 2022

In collaboration with integration experts at Enfo, we at Tendium are happy to announce that our platform now offers even better API integration capabilities, supporting ties to CRM software, and notably, Salesforce! 

Elin Lööw

on November 28, 2022
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