Announcing Our New CRM Integration: Tendium + Salesforce = True

Integrate your CRM with Tendium

In collaboration with integration experts at Enfo, we at Tendium are happy to announce that our platform now offers even better API integration capabilities, supporting ties to CRM software, and notably, Salesforce! 

We believe that this solution will help bring about even better working relationships and more productive workflows for anyone working with public procurement and tender bids. Keep reading to find out more on why we believe these integrations are key, how the integration with Salesforce has fared, and what is in store for the future. 


Enfo first to try the integration

As a top integration solutions supplier and IT service company with over 20 years of experience, Enfo was an excellent partner for Tendium to team up with in developing our API’s integration capabilities. Robert Grafford, Senior Vice President of Sales at Enfo, describes the benefits the company noted from integrating their CRM system with the Tendium platform:

“The main advantages are the significantly reduced risk of missing a procurement, and the ability to follow a tender throughout the entire process. It leads to lower costs, less unnecessary work and saved time – a solution that can provide value for the majority of Tendium users”, says Robert Grafford. 


Unified workflows for all business opportunities

Here at Tendium, we despise unnecessary steps and overly complex bidding processes. In fact, our platform has been developed to eliminate as many of these steps as possible, as we want public procurement and bidding processes to be as simple and approachable as they can be.

There may be some of you that have submitted so many bids that at this stage, you don’t even consider the process to be difficult, it’s become second nature. But, each small step takes time, and this adds up! At the end of it, you might be surprised how little time actually went towards working on the tender, and how much time is lost as teams move back and forth between systems and interfaces. Tendium is working hard to change that, and integrating the platform with CRM systems is but a small (although important) step in streamlining the overall tender bid process. 

“In the past, suppliers to the public sector had to manually enter interesting procurements into their CRM systems, or manage these separately from their private customers. By integrating the Tendium platform with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have created an automatic, cohesive workflow,” says Oskar Lundgren, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Tendium. Here at Tendium, we like collaboration and saving time, we think it’s fantastic! 


More integrations coming soon!

Don’t think we’re done yet, we’re not even close! Developing our API to connect with Salesforce and other CRM software is only the beginning, and several other integrations are already in the pipeline. We are confident that each integration will serve a purpose, and can contribute to efficient and speedier workflows for suppliers to the public sector. Keep your eyes on the blog for new announcements, or sign up HERE to hear the latest news from Tendium, and stay on top of our new and smart procurement solutions.

Elin Lööw

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