Tendium and Byggfakta Collaborate to Simplify Public Procurement in the Construction Industry

Byggfakta och Tendium förenklar för byggbranschen

A large percentage of public procurement opportunities relate to construction and civil engineering efforts, and many businesses within the industry sector are involved in public projects. However, a majority of procurement processes are complex, often to the extent that businesses require dedicated bidding teams or staff to locate and manage relevant and winnable tenders. 

That is why we at Tendium are overjoyed to announce our new collaboration with Byggfakta, a leading supplier of information regarding public and private construction and infrastructure projects. In close collaboration, Tendium and Byggfakta are making public procurement processes easier for suppliers within the construction industry.


Saving time for construction companies

While participating in public procurements can be time-consuming and require significant resources for many companies, Tendium and Byggfakta’s collaboration has made it easier for construction companies to find and secure won deals within the public sector.

How? Well, through adapting and combining our individual strengths to produce something even better! With Byggfakta’s exclusive position to provide information, coupled with Tendium’s unique ‘everything-procurement’ platform built on AI technology and smart workflows, together we provide construction companies with everything they need in order to make successful tender bids and secure public contracts.

“With Tendium’s platform and our experience in the construction industry, our customers get a unique solution to ensure they do not miss an important procurement and can also make a quick and easy assessment of each procurement. We know from our own experience and our customers how difficult and time-consuming it is today,” says Peter Björk, Business Manager at Byggfakta.


The public market is important in a recession

Our new collaboration and the service it provides has also come at a particularly advantageous time for construction companies, who may be finding themselves affected by a possible recession.

“We know that when the private market cools, the public market heats up. We believe a lot in the collaboration with Byggfakta and that it will help companies in the construction industry to save on time and win more procurements,” says Ronny Ågren, Sales Manager at Tendium.

Public procurement is a market that has largely lagged behind in terms of digitalization and innovation, but Tendium is pleased to be leading the charge in transforming the market, now together with Byggfakta.

For more information about the service, contact Byggfakta Tender

Elin Lööw

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