Tendium Product Roundup: March 2023

Tendium Product Roundup

Good news! Your bidding processes are getting even smarter and smoother. The Tendium platform is always improving and we are continuously working on releasing new and exciting features. In our Product Roundups, we share news on smart features and updates. 

During March, we launched and updated new requested features in the platform. They are:

  • Tendium for Microsoft Teams
  • CRM integration
  • Customised tender statuses
  • General platform improvements


Let’s dive into what they’re all about!


Integrate with Microsoft Teams for effective collaboration

Do you collaborate a lot with your colleagues in Teams? Well, you’re in luck, as it is now possible to integrate your Tendium profile with Microsoft Teams. With access to all procurements directly via Team’s chat, you now have a new and improved way of sharing interesting procurements with your team.

All procurements that you send via Teams will be displayed as a compact card view, while also being saved within the chat they are sent in. This view means that you and your colleagues will be able to see the basic details of any procurement directly via the Teams chat, allowing you to communicate and determine the relevancy of each opportunity more efficiently.

Integration between Tendium and Microsoft Teams

You’ll also receive the same Teams notifications as you would do from the Tendium platform. This includes notifications when someone has assigned you a task, a tender, or a procurement via the platform, or if you have been tagged in a comment. With our new Microsoft Teams integration, you can gain a complete overview of the work and tasks assigned to you, and be informed when it is time to log on to Tendium.


Collect business opportunities with CRM integrations

Maybe you and your team work with procurements via a CRM system? Well, Tendium can now be integrated with Salesforce, among other popular CRM systems. We developed this solution in order to create even smarter and more efficient workflows for everyone involved in public procurement, and that might benefit from an integration between a CRM and Tendium’s platform. By seamlessly moving procurements to your CRM system directly with the click of one button, you can eliminate unnecessary steps in the tender process, and most importantly, increase efficiency.

Curious? To learn more about our Salesforce and CRM system integrations, see our previous blog post: Announcing Our New CRM Integration: Tendium + Salesforce = True.


Customisable statuses (and fields!) in your Bid Spaces 

We are constantly working on end-user developments that improve the Tendium platform’s workflow adaptability, and that enable you and your colleagues to implement your internal work processes. In our product roundup for February, we announced the release of our custom fields for Bid Space reports. The custom fields allow you to tailor the information shown on each procurement report, so that each relevant point of information is displayed to you and your team’s liking. 

In the next step of our continuous improvement process, and as a complement to the custom fields, we are pleased to announce our most recent workflow update: custom Bid Space Statuses. 

Within your Bid Spaces, you can now assign the tenders you gather here with a status. Different statuses will help provide an overview of how your different bids are progressing, what the next step in the bidding process might be, or if your bid was a win! As the name of the feature implies, you can of course customise the status names and remove existing statuses as you see fit.

Although we hinted at these in our previous product round up, the feature is now fully available!  


General improvements

We are constantly working to improve the user experience of our platform. During the past month, we have implemented several platform features that will serve to improve your procurement related activities within the platform.


Monitoring Profiles in alphabetical order

To provide better structure for your workflow processes and procurements managed on our platform, all Monitoring Profiles will now be displayed in alphabetical order by default.


Search button in Monitoring Profiles

To optimise our Monitoring Profiles even further, we have added a button which will refresh the results shown for the profile. This way, the Monitoring Profile both loads faster, you will be able to see new opportunities more clearly.


Pagination for Bid Spaces 

We have implemented pagination for our Bid Spaces, in order to improve the loading speed for each of your Bid Spaces, allowing you to work with procurements faster and with increased efficiency. 


Stay up to date with what’s new in the platform with our Tendium Product Roundups!

Rebecca Forster

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