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  1. First, we’ll book a 15 minute introduction call. During this call we’ll discuss your company’s needs and what challenges you’re currently facing when selling to the public sector.

  2. After that, we’ll schedule a 45 minute personal demo where we’ll go through Tendium’s functionality and how it can be leveraged based on your specific needs. Here we will also present pricing options based on your requirements and preferred functionalities.

  3. We put great emphasis on working very closely with our customers and often act as a strategic partner, which means we would be happy to help advise you on how to optimise your bidding process during these sessions and anytime after. 🙂


“The biggest advantage for us is the time savings, not least the time saved analysing different risks”


“Tendium’s service takes a modern approach where the user working in the system is the focus”

People People People

“Working in a more structured way saves resources, we don’t miss any important tenders and we put time into the bids that we really have a chance to convert to revenue”

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