Call off management

All your tender records, one workspace

Framework agreements, call offs, competition notices, open and pending tenders…procurement can get messy fast. 😳

Our call off tool centralises all your contract renewals alongside any open tenders from different databases, so your team can manage all procurement correspondence and documentation, regardless of quantity or phase.

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Keep things tidy for each framework agreement

Are you sitting on large framework agreements?

Log which call offs and renewed competitions you’ve responded to, and which ones are still outstanding. Track your call off activity, so it’s simple to report statistics to government agencies about the framework agreements you’re a part of.

Centralised call offs

Handle call offs efficiently

Are your call offs and competition notices spread out in your colleagues’ inboxes? Gather all your call off correspondence in a unified inbox and reduce the risk of missing important deadlines.

Streamlined bidding workflows

Collaborative bid management

Designate which call offs are worth bidding on. Seamlessly transfer opportunities from your inbox to a bidding workspace. Collaborate with team mates to manage all the details of the bidding process and stay on top of every deadline.

Customer Cases

There is a better way to participate in public procurement. But don't just listen to us!

Connect everyone involved in the bidding process

Bid team

Coordinate bid management with a workflow tool and powerful database built specifically for bidding teams

Decision makers

Give decisions makers centralised and summarised data, for quicker bidding decisions

Legal team

Make it easier for your legal and sales team to source answers to questions about each public tender


Connect leadership and sales managers to the bidding process with a workflow overview and reporting tools

It’s easy to get started

Start monitoring tenders and making faster business decisions today

Built with the user in mind

Tired of all those legacy procurement systems? So are we. That’s why we rely on a modern, intuitive user interface – to make working with public tenders as simple and straightforward as humanly possible.

For companies of all sizes

API and integrations

Send procurement data to your existing business and CRM systems

Support and help center

Fast in-app support and help center to quickly resolve any questions or problems

Enterprise security

Safer access with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Single Sign On (SSO)

Personalised onboarding

Expert help to configure your tender matching profiles and search criteria

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