Customer stories

There’s a better way to bid on public contracts. But don’t just take our word for it.

At Tendium, we keep a close dialogue with our customers. This is essential to ensure we are building tools for you that are as easy to use and adapted to your needs as possible.

In our customer cases, we share snapshots of that dialogue. Here you can read about our customers’ individual stories and their experience using Tendium.

Innovative suppliers win public tenders with Tendium

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Sigma Technology on using Tendium
“There’s nothing better on the market. If you want the best, fastest, easiest solution, then you should go with Tendium.”
Ocab on using Tendium
"We now have a structured way of working where we can follow the tenders throughout the entire process"
SnigelDesign customer case
"Tendium is my most important selection and prioritisation tool."
Venn Group Has Increased Their Hit Rate on Public Contracts
"We have a very good hit rate on our bids now"
Customer story with Juzo
"We won a procurement that didn't even show up in our search profile in our previous monitoring service."
Customer story with Combitech
"We have more defined and well-rounded procurement monitoring processes. We've achieved greater consistency, increased efficiency, and saved on time while achieving the same effect."
Enfo customer case
Through an integration between Tendium and their CRM-system, Enfo has significantly reduced the risk of missing business opportunities from public procurement.
Adecco-customer case
"We have at least halved the time we spend on finding relevant procurements"
With the help of Tendium’s platform, Swedish Consulting Group has been able to expand into new areas as well as process public tenders without having to go through tedious processes of declaring interest, registering and unregistering.
The time that Quicksearch saves through Tendium’s automatic summaries is used to work more proactively with public tenders.
An expanded area of business and new, exciting opportunities are Medicheck’s results from using Tendium’s document-based keyword search to monitor public tenders.

We help your team achieve better results

Faster decisions

Use a smart screening process for more efficient bidding decision making

Structured process

Build a clear and flexible workflow adaptable to different bid volumes

Less risk

Identify important risks more quickly and earlier on in the bidding process

With the user in mind

Our user friendly platform has tools for specific needs based on role and workflow

People People People

“Succeeding with public procurement is vital for us as an agency group.

We submit many bids every year and historically it hasn’t been a very structured process, but we’ve changed that. In part we use Tendium’s various tools but we also have resources dedicated to working with our bidding and keeping the entire group together. Working in a more structured way saves resources, we don’t miss any important tenders and we put time into the bids that we really have a chance to convert to revenue.”


“Tendium’s service takes a modern approach where the user working in the system is the focus.

We used to have four different systems to compile government tenders every week – now we have one. All you have to do now is find the tenders, download the materials and look over the requirements and contract value. The time savings we make on every tender is massive in percentage terms. It may not mean we send more bids – rather that we can work more prudently with the tenders we find or spend more time on other areas where we can create value for the company. If you work with public procurement you should use Tendium’s service. It’s a no brainer.”

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