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Integrating CRM With Tendium Eliminated Common Risks in Enfo’s RFP Process

With a long track record of public procurement, using Tendium in their RFP (Requests for Proposal) process was an obvious choice for Enfo, and a successful one. Through an integration between Tendium and their CRM-system, Enfo has significantly reduced the risk of missing business opportunities from public procurement. The risk of the same RFP being worked on simultaneously is now non-existent and Enfo’s RFP processes are smooth and streamlined. They track their leads through the whole lifecycle and keep all information in one centralised place, saving time and giving them the best opportunity for successful bids. 

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Enfo uses Tendium to streamline their procurement processes

Being a large Nordic IT services company, various parts of Enfo’s organisation go through public procurement bidding processes every year. Their workflow had become complex navigating several platforms, leading to both a costly and time-consuming process. They were looking for a way to standardise and simplify the bidding process, and found Tendium. 

Robert Grafford, Senior Vice President of Sales at Enfo, recalls that the platform was seen as a great opportunity to reduce the risk of missing public RFPs. They were looking for a solution to efficiently screen and process RFPs at a glance, with straight-forward key information in one centralised place

Robert Grafford says: “We are more efficient with pre-screening when using Tendium, as we don’t have to screen all other websites. We just have to concentrate on the RFPs sent from Tendium to our CRM. The visibility and the ability to track leads through their entire lifecycle allows us to reduce the amount of work. The risk of two people within the organisation working with the same procurement without knowing is reduced to zero. This leads to lower costs, less unnecessary work and we have reduced the time to start working on the right RFP’s to a minimum.” 

Robert Grafford further mentions the benefits of not having to download and email procurement documents, but instead have them automatically imported. When the whole company works within the same platform, the risk of storing data on personal computers is also significantly reduced. Overall, it creates a smooth and centralised workflow. 


Integrating Tendium with Enfo’s CRM eliminated risks

Enfo integrated Tendium with their CRM-system. They identified that the integration would save time and optimise their workflow. Now, if a tender in the Tendium platform is of interest, Enfo easily transfers it over to the CRM with only one click where the bidding process continues. 

“We have integrated the Tendium interface with our CRM. If a tender is of interest for Enfo at first glance, we transfer the procurement to the CRM. With one click, a lead is created. The lead then gets assigned to a specific opportunity owner. The opportunity owner pre-assesses the incoming lead and can convert it to an opportunity”, says Magnus Strömer, SVP Integration at Enfo.

Through the integration, Enfo now has a clear process that allows the company to easily keep track of all incoming procurement opportunities. Robert Grafford describes the value that the Tendium platform and CRM integration has created for the company:

“The main advantage is the significantly reduced risk that it gets lost and also being able to follow the lead from the time it is published, to the time we close the lead/opportunity, through each step of the bidding process.” 


Tendium provides Enfo with important data for future decisions

According to Robert Grafford, the platform is a perfect tool to produce statistics and analyse Enfo’s go or no-go decisions:

“Being able to track RFPs from A to Z is a way to produce valuable statistics. It helps us understand if our go or no-go decisions follow a good process, as well as understand if we have answered RFPs for the same customer before, and if we have already won or lost bids. This information might influence the go/no-go decision afterwards. We also have to ensure that we have a consistent answer to the same customer.”


Enfo’s advice for companies looking to integrate Tendium with a CRM

For companies interested in similar solutions, Mari Vänttinen-Kari, Salesforce consultant at Enfo, recommends a collaborative process. Smooth collaboration between Tendium, sales, integration team and CRM development is the key to success. She stresses the importance of mutual understanding of how the future end-to-end leads process looks like and fits into the existing set up, such as when and which data should be captured into the CRM, which takes care of development phase testing activities, and support. 


Enfo partners with Tendium to help companies make the integration

Enfo has an abundance of experience with smart integrations. The business area Integration at Enfo consists of 110 API & Integration specialists in Sweden with broad and deep technology backgrounds, making them the perfect team to integrate Tendium with a CRM-system. Now they’re partnering with Tendium to help other companies do the same. Magnus Strömer describes how they work with integrations: 

“Being one of the leading integration companies in the Nordics means that we have been guiding our customers with our expertise within the integration area for more than 20 years and our competence covers crucial roles needed in integration projects. We have a strong position and long history of working with integrations and APIs. To give some examples: setting up processes, methods and reusable components for an efficient, scalable and self-driven delivery organisation. We have a high focus on re-usability both in methods and architecture as well as providing simple to use guidelines, code snippets and recipes.”

Mari Vänttinen-Kari continues: “Enfo’s Nordic level Salesforce team, with more than twenty Salesforce Certificates/Accredited Credentials, supports companies with their on-going Salesforce application services, accelerating Salesforce centric development and transformation journeys. Enfo’s Salesforce application support and knowledge is combined smoothly with a full stack of other Enfo development capabilities, e.g. digital trust, data and analytics, applications, integration, and managed services.” 


CRM integration unifies business processes

Oskar Lundgren, co-founder of Tendium, applauds the collaboration between Enfo and Tendium. “We at Tendium are thrilled by Enfo’s initiative and creativity, and it has been a privilege to collaborate to enable the CRM integration. Our goal is to provide the world’s smartest and simplest procurement processing platform. Through this integration, we connect procurement data with business processes, minimising administration and creating a single source of truth within companies. It’s a big win to make otherwise inaccessible procurement data accessible.”



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