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Sigma Technology on using Tendium




Sweden, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, China and Hungary



3000-3500 employees

Sigma Technology Scaled Public Sector Sales Fast – While Saving 95% of Resources

Sigma Technology has used Tendium to scale their sales efforts toward the public sector.

Sigma now has:

  • Efficient monitoring requiring only 5-10 percent of the resources, compared to traditional monitoring.
  • Coordinated sales efforts toward the public sector across the entire company group.
  • Rapidly scaled sales, maximising chances for quick return on investment.

Sigma Technology on using Tendium

Background: Low activity on the public sector market

Sigma Technology is a large company group offering IT consultants and related services. The group has been around for over 20 years and has grown steadily.

However, Sigma Technology has had low activity on the public sector market. They now want to change that. 

The challenges: 

  • Lack of structure and knowledge about public procurement.
  • Scattered and isolated efforts across the company group.


Solution: Efficient monitoring saving 90-95% of resources to get the job done

“We needed a solution to help me reduce the time investment and make my role efficient. It was a no-brainer to go with Tendium.” – Anna Nyblin

Sigma Technology recruited Bid Manager Anna Nyblin for a centralised role to coordinate and improve sales to the public sector.

Anna has extensive experience from previous organisations and quickly realised that Sigma Technology needed to work differently – otherwise, she would not be able to manage the monitoring for 10 companies.

“To monitor, we use perhaps 5-10 percent of the resources for the same job. Without Tendium, we would have needed maybe 1.5 to 2 more full-time positions. It’s a monumental difference.”

  • Efficient monitoring requiring only 5-10 percent of the resources compared to traditional monitoring.
  • Automatic summaries of tender documents allowing Sigma to quickly determine whether to bid or not bid and get a high accuracy.
  • Collaboration features and bid spaces for good overview and effective coordination within the entire company group.


Results: Rapidly scaled sales efforts – maximised chances for quick return on investment

“We have submitted 16 bids in my first 6 weeks and have more in the pipeline, and we are already working on strategy. I wouldn’t have come nearly as far without Tendium.”

Sigma Technology has rapidly scaled their sales to the public sector. Getting started with Tendium was easy. In Anna’s first 6 weeks, they submitted 16 bids and have more in the pipeline. Additionally, they are already working on strategy and analysing expiring public contracts in Tendium.

According to Anna, Tendium makes it very easy for an inexperienced organisation to start selling to the public sector. She believes that organisations with an experienced bid team might not realise how much time can be saved by switching to Tendium, thinking it’s probably too good to be true.

To those companies and others evaluating Tendium, she has a message:

“Stop overthinking, there’s nothing better on the market. If you want the best, fastest, easiest solution, then you should go with Tendium.”

  • Quickly scaled sales toward the public sector.
  • Coordinated sales efforts across the entire group.
  • Developing strategy and analysing the market with expiring contracts.



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