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SnigelDesign Boosts Efficiency and Focuses on Best Tender Opportunities with Tendium

SnigelDesign has streamlined the bidding process by using Tendium’s smart monitoring and tools for efficient Go/No Go decisions, allowing them to quickly select the right tender opportunities. Meanwhile, they’re analysing new markets for future procurement success.

SnigelDesign now has:

  • Shorter lead times and efficient bidding processes.
  • A solid process for effective Go/No Go decisions to prioritise good opportunities.
  • The tools to analyse new markets and trends for future procurement success.

SnigelDesign about the benefits of using Tendium

Background: Losing valuable time in the bidding process

SnigelDesign produces carrier systems, protective systems, and clothing systems for the military, police forces and similar organisations in Sweden and abroad. The tenders they bid on are often large-scale, and SnigelDesign’s Public Bid Manager Frédéric Elfver needs all the time he can get to create the bid.

“Every day is crucial. Losing a week can be deal-breaking.” – Frédéric Elfver

Much could be improved:

  • Publishing delays in the previous monitoring service.
  • No good overview of interesting business opportunities and bids.
  • SnigelDesign also wanted insights into new markets.


Solution: Smart and efficient monitoring with Tendium

“Tendium is my most important selection and prioritisation tool. It’s crucial for saving time and knowing which deals to pursue.” – Frédéric Elfver

SnigelDesign now has fail-safe monitoring with Tendium, with new tenders appearing within 24 hours.

Leveraging the smart monitoring tools, SnigelDesign has streamlined their process by automatically highlighting common blockers in the tender documents. This allows Frédéric to avoid spending time on poor fit tenders. They also adjust the monitoring profiles themselves as needed.

The Kanban board gives SnigelDesign a good overview of all interesting business opportunities as well as ongoing and previous bids.

They have also started investigating new markets by examining interesting expiring contracts and previous tenders.

  • Smart monitoring with quick updates to sooner get started on the right bids.
  • Time-saving automatic summaries of tender documents.
  • Kanban providing a good overview of in progress and previous bids.
  • Expiring contracts and previous tenders for market research.


Result: Shorter lead times and improved decision-making processes

“It’s a huge relief to ease internal decision-making processes. To be able to extract figures for interesting tenders and show, for example, revenue opportunities. It saves a lot of time and provides credibility internally.” – Frédéric Elfver

SnigelDesign has decreased the time until they start working on the right bids. Smart monitoring means they can now quickly identify the right tenders opportunities to proceed with.

Automatic summaries of tender documents have provided a solid decision-making foundation internally when SnigelDesign decides whether to bid or not.

By reviewing previous procurements and expiring public sector contracts, SnigelDesign can better understand new markets and see trends in contractual terms and requirements. They now have the tools for both current and future public tender success.

  • Shorter lead times and streamlined bidding processes.
  • Efficient Go/No Go decisions and correct prioritisation.
  • Tools to analyse new markets for future tender opportunities.



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