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Venn Group Has Increased Their Hit Rate on Public Contracts


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Venn Group Increased Their Hit Rate on Public Contracts

Proactive processes, coupled with seamless collaboration and a clear overview, have impressively boosted Venn Group’s bid hit rate. We’ve spoken with Patric Kjellin, CEO, and Latifeh Amiri, Bid Manager, about the changes they’ve made since starting with Tendium.

Patric Kjellin on using Tendium

High hit rate

Venn Group is a consulting firm offering services in urban development and industry and operating throughout Sweden. Since the start in 2019, they have grown rapidly, and Patric recognises bidding on public contracts as an important driver of growth. Venn Group has been selling to the public sector since the beginning, but after switching to Tendium, they’ve strengthened their bidding process with good results.


“We have increased our business with the public sector, and we have increased our hit rate. We have a very good hit rate on our bids now,” says Patric.


By improving their bidding process, they now focus their resources and bid on the contracts that are right for the company. Instead of continuing to work on contracts that are not designed in a way that suits Venn Group, they dare to shut down processes early.

We asked Venn Group to describe how they have improved their bidding process and how they work in Tendium.

Latifeh Amiri on using Tendium

A proactive bidding process with good overview and streamlined collaboration

Before Tendium, Venn Group monitored public tenders and created bids through a number of different platforms. They were a small team, and it worked reasonably well to email back and forth and keep track of different logins and their progress with different bids. But the process became reactive, with short deadlines, and as the team grew, their need for a centralised system with better overview became clear.

Latifeh, who is the Bid Manager and coordinates the bidding process, explains that they chose Tendium because of its agile approach, to identify better and more streamlined processes. It has produced very good results.


“The bidding process is inherently messy with many moving parts that need to be worked on simultaneously, and that’s why it’s so great to have a shared structure to follow. Now I’m on top of things and sleep soundly at night,” she says jokingly.


Venn Group is now more process-driven. They don’t have a traditional sales team, but colleagues with different skills are often brought in to develop the bids. With Tendium, it is easy for all colleagues in different business areas to understand how to find the right information. The overview of all in progress bids ensures that all colleagues are aware of the status of the various bids Venn Group is working on, making communication easy, effective, and clear.

In addition to the internal overview, it is now also easier to find relevant tenders. Latifeh explains that it’s easier to find niche procurements that suit Venn Group, and the automatic summaries of requirements make it quick and easy to determine whether a tender is a relevant business opportunity or not.


In-depth understanding of their bidding process facilitates learning and growth

After starting to use Tendium, Venn Group has gained a better overview of both submitted and in progress bids, as well as a structure that the whole team benefits from. They’re very pleased with the results. They now have full control – over their submitted bids, which types of tenders they pursue, where in Sweden the procurements take place, hit rates on their submitted bids, and which bids they don’t end up submitting. All of this makes it easier to evaluate and develop their bidding process.


“We have built a good process around our bid management, and it is incredibly important as we grow and need to keep track of everything across Sweden and all disciplines we operate in,” says Patric.


Latifeh and Patric recommend Tendium to companies that want to develop good processes and gain control of their bidding, and simplify the entire process of making business with the public sector.


“The Tendium team is agile, listens to their users, and develops the platform in collaboration with them. We really appreciate that,” says Latifeh.



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