Become a Tendium partner to gain access to cutting edge tools for better insights into the public procurement market, more efficient bidding processes, and a stronger relationship with your customers.

Innovative suppliers win public tenders with Tendium

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The Tendium partner program

Are you a bid consultant, law firm, or interest organisation?

If your company helps other organisations with bidding, public procurement, or analysis of the public market, then this program is for you.

There are many reasons to join – from staying abreast with the latest procurement technology, to offering your customers uniqe insights and access to powerful tools.

Interested in learning more?

Value added for partners

Enhance your offering

Tendium’s workspace is built specifically for bidding teams. Empower your customers and enhance what you currently offer with a uniquely modern tenders and bidding solution.

Generate new revenue

When you join our partner program, you’ll get a commission for each new customer brought to Tendium. Our program can act as a new source of revenue, all while making more happy customers.

Strengthen client relationships

Tendium’s platform gives you the opportunity to continuously monitor and assure the quality of your customer’s bids, leading to better delivery and stronger relationships with your customers.

If you succeed, we succeed

We maintain a close working relationship with our partners to make sure you get the most out of our program. 

You’ll receive training on the platform and marketing materials to share with your customers, so you can get started quickly and feel confident recommending our product.

Join Tendium’s partner program

Offer your customers a better bidding process and generate new revenue for your company

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