Public procurement - it’s not just for big business anymore

Sure, the public market is huge. But who has the time?

As a small business, finding the time to compete in public procurement can be hard. Locating tenders, downloading their documents, reading all the fine print…sometimes it can feel like a maze.

Tendium helps you qualify tenders in minutes and stay on top of every bid from start to finish. We simplify the bidding process you can put that time where it matters most: growing your business.

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Tendium removes barriers so businesses of all sizes can compete in public procurement. Our goal is to make bidding on public contracts feasible for any business, no matter your expertise or resource availability.

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Built with the user in mind

Tired of all those legacy procurement systems? So are we. That’s why we rely on a modern, intuitive user interface – to make working with public tenders as simple and straightforward as humanly possible.

Monitoring across Europe

Full coverage of Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish tenders, plus all tenders for the rest of Europe above EU thresholds

Summarised tenders

Receive automatic summaries of tenders that fit each of your customised monitoring profiles

Workflow and bid spaces

Build a workflow with our Kanban style sales board to manage all your company’s ongoing and finished tenders

Smart search tender documents

Search through all tender documents in one click to quickly identify possibilities and risks

Email notifications

Configure email notifications to streamline your team’s tender monitoring and bid management

Preview tender documents

Access tender documents directly on the platform, so you don’t have to set up a profile just to assess each opportunity

Customer Cases

There is a better way to participate in public procurement. But don't just listen to us!

It’s easy to get started!

Start monitoring tenders and making faster business decisions today.

Expert help every step of the way

Personalised Onboarding

Expert help to configure your tender matching profiles and search criteria

Support and Help Center

Fast in-app support and help center to quickly resolve any questions or problems

Tendium Expert Network

Use our network to get procurement legal advice at a fixed price

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Basics of procurement

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Data-driven bidding

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