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"We have at least halved the time we spend finding relevant tender opportunities"

Make the most of your bid management resources with automated workflows and a better understanding of past, present and future public sector opportunities.

Find more leads

Improve your tender monitoring and never miss an opportunity again

Boost efficiency

Spend 50-90% less time finding tenders and managing bids

Increase hit rate

Work on the right opportunities and win more of your submitted bids

Tendium processes public tenders, related documents and much more public sector data

And creates a data driven bidding process
Analytics & Insights

Identify expiring contracts and new prospective customers

Be proactive and identify new opportunities in the public sector market. Get important insights into expiring public sector contracts, their value and current suppliers. Analyse individual payments to companies and how much your competitors sell to the public sector. 

Expiring public sector contracts in Analytics & Insights
Monitor & Qualify

Find the right tender opportunities and make decisions faster

Monitor new public procurements with keyword search through all attached documents. Use our AI generated summaries of requirements and keywords to quickly determine which procurements are good business opportunities. 

Projecs & Bids

Write your bids with AI and collaborate better within the team

Manage your bids with modern bid management software. Generate automated bid responses using your previously submitted bids and create project plans based on tender content. Simplify collaboration and communication within your team with one cohesive tool.

The bidding tool and AI response generator
Software supporting every level of the organisation

Take your public sector market strategy to the next level with a modern, AI-supported bid processes

Happy coworkers and stronger results – everyone wins with a smart and streamlined bidding process.

For bid managers

Simplify tasks to help your bid team find tenders and write bids more efficiently.

"Now I'm on top of things and sleep soundly at night"

Latifeh Amiri, Bid Manager

For sales team leads

Give team leads a better view of to dos and improve team collaboration.

"Everyone knows who's responsible for what and we get a much clearer big picture"

Frida Eriksson, Head of Bid Sales

For C-levels

Strengthen KPIs and gain valuable insights for future business development.

"We spend 90% less resources on finding the right tender opportunities"

Peter Kristoffersson, CEO

One platform for all your bid work

Centralise your bid processes - integrate whereever you need to

With Tendium you won’t have to jump between procurement portals, databases, internal documents, and support systems. Centralise your bid work and integrate with any software. 

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