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Better Monitoring Lead To Unexpected Opportunities 

With Tendium, Juzo is able to find and win procurement opportunities they otherwise would have missed. For Juzo’s small-scale bid team, the Tendium platform provides security, not only in affording them with comprehensive procurement monitoring and AI-generated summaries, but also through helping the company explore new business areas.


Winning procurements that previously went unidentified 

While companies and bid teams of all sizes use Tendium, Juzo is on the smaller side. Their entire bid team actually consists of one person – Elin Björn – and we had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Elin about how she uses Tendium.

Juzo’s central offering is the sale of medical aid products for compression garments, supports and orthoses. As a rather narrow and niched area in relation to procurement opportunities, the most important aspect for Elin is ensuring she and Juzo are able to catch every relevant opportunity that is published.

Straight off the bat, Elin noted some immediate and positive improvements when Juzo opted to start using Tendium a few months ago. While her Tendium monitoring profile caught and presented a relevant procurement, the same opportunity had not been highlighted in the system previously used. The reason why was rather rudimentary, the procurement was not published using the CPV code Elin typically used when seeking relevant procurement opportunities. Yet with Tendium’s keyword monitoring being applied not only to short text descriptions but also tender documents, the platform was able to pick up on relevant terms that Elin had applied to her monitoring settings. 

Although published under a different CPV code Juzo ended up submitting a bid, and ultimately were awarded with a win! Their competitors on the other hand never even submitted bids, and most likely, their procurement monitoring services didn’t highlight the relevant opportunity. 

“I think it’s great that you can change the keywords yourself. At first it was a bit of trial and error before I found the right level and figured out what to include. It’s a huge plus that you can make changes all on your own,” says Elin.


Monitoring new markets and the potential for expansion 

In addition to monitoring the market for interesting and relevant procurement opportunities, Juzo now also uses Tendium to explore and learn more about potential new business areas. Elin for instance has expanded her monitoring to also look at procurements and requirements within areas that Juzo does not usually or yet participate in, but are considering expanding to in the future.

Elin also monitors Finnish procurements, where Juzo acts as a subcontractor to other companies participating in public procurements. By monitoring Finnish procurements, Juzo is able to encourage their cooperating partners to participate in relevant procurements. When she finds a Finnish procurement that seems interesting, she sends the automatic generated summary to a Finnish-speaking colleague.

“It’s great to have the summary. One can easily pass it on to someone who knows the language, because I don’t understand Finnish myself. It makes things a lot easier,” says Elin.


Tendium – a platform suited for bidding teams of all sizes

Elin previously worked in a larger bidding team, and despite her position in Juzo being a one-woman-team, she is confident that the Tendium platform can provide substantial benefits to both smaller and larger teams.

In its current role, Tendium provides affordable procurement monitoring along with smart features and tools, which together reduce the risk for Juzo to miss out on interesting and relevant procurements. 

“For larger teams that manage many procurements, there are great benefits not only in regards to better monitoring, but also in coordinating efforts and enabling improved collaboration. Having an automatic overview and the ability to easily share important procurement related information within the organisation at the push of a button saves a significant amount of time,” says Elin.

We are delighted that the platform has been so well received and is working effectively for Juzo’s procurement activities, and we want only the best for them in their future bidding processes and efforts!



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