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The public sector: big deals, lots of challenges

We get it. Selling to the public sector isn’t always easy. There’s a lot to keep track of – strict deadlines, detailed requirements, hard to access documents, the list goes on…

That’s why we’ve built Tendium. We want to make it frictionless to bid in public procurement, so your team can focus on what’s important: winning the best deals.

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It’s easier than ever to sell to the public sector

Get automatic summaries of each tender’s essentials. Screen relevant opportunities faster. Spend more time crafting the perfect bid.

Find new opportunities in the public procurement market

Use public sector payments data to discover new government leads. See who your competitors sell to, and for how much.

Did you know...

Sweden's public procurement is worth 800 billion SEK a year

Keep track of your most important customers

Monitor all of your current or potential public sector customers, stay up to date on any newly published tenders.

Monitoring over all of Europe

Full coverage of Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish tenders, plus all tenders for the rest of Europe above EU thresholds

Summarised tenders

Receive automatic summaries of tenders that fit each of your customised monitoring profiles

Workflow and bid spaces

Build a workflow with our Kanban style sales board to manage all your company’s ongoing and finished tenders

API and integrations

Send procurement data from Tendium to your existing business or CRM systems for seamless workflows

Email notifications

Configure email notifications to streamline your team’s tender monitoring and bid management


Work with our expert team to configure your tender monitoring profiles, screen tenders so they fit your sales goals

Customer Cases

There is a better way to participate in public procurement. But don't just listen to us!

Excel in the public market

Get the tools you need to accelerate your growth in the public market. Gain an in depth understanding of the market. Collaborate seamlessly on tenders worth pursuing. Optimize your team’s workflow from end to end, for better bidding and more winning.

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The Tendium platform is always improving and we are continuously working on releasing new and exciting features. During April and May, we launched and updated new requested features in the platform.

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