Projects & Bids

Write winning bids with a smarter bidding process

Tricky to get a good overview of all bid processes and keep track of the team’s tasks? Now there’s a smarter way. With Projects & Bids, the Tendium platform becomes a project management tool designed for efficient bidding processes and competitive bids. 

Projects & Bids

"Everyone knows who's responsible for what and we get a much clearer big picture"

Frida Eriksson, Head of Bid Sales at Adecco

Make your bidding process a competitive advantage

Forget messy spreadsheets and project management tools that don’t fit bidding work. Now there’s a faster, smarter and simpler way.

Efficient teamwork

Divide tasks, keep track of assignments and keep an eye on your uncompleted tasks. Write better bids together.

Smooth project management

Get an overview of all your active bids and automatically convert tenders into bid questions to be answered.

Smart bid responses

Automate repetitive bid responses with AI generated drafts, leaving more time to focus on writing the winning pitch.

Modern information management

Gather all documentation, previously submitted bids, and important information to use when needed.

Your bid space
Big picture view

Keep track of all your bids and follow up on results

Get a comprehensive big picture view within the team of all bids. Track progress with a sales board of interesting business opportunities, as well as ongoing and completed bids. Quickly see which colleagues are responsible for each bid, divide tasks within the team, and review results. 

Automated project management

Collaborate effectively on new bids and increase your team's chances

Less admin, more time for winning bids

Stop spending valuable time identifying requirements and structuring your work. Focus on writing winning responses.

Turn tenders into tasks

Generate automatic, prepopulated lists of tasks and questions to respond to, based on the tender documents.

Divide the work within the team

Choose assignees for bids and requirements that need answering. Always know who's responsible for what.

Collaborate to get the best responses

Work simultaneously with your latest bid draft and leave comments to help each other write the best responses.

Always know what’s left to do

Follow up, measure, and report progress in your bid. Quickly see which questions have been answered and what remains.

All information you need in one place

Avoid having to look for past responses and internal documentation. Collect everything in a knowledge hub.

AI response generator
AI-supported responses

Write winning bids with your team’s accumulated knowledge

Don’t reinvent the wheel – reuse previous responses in a smart and effective way. Collect your previous bids and documentation in a knowledge hub. Generate smart AI response drafts based on all that knowledge.

“We’ve gained a structured bidding process where we follow the procurements through the entire process”

Andreas Krisoffersson, Bid Manager at Ocab

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