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Workflow management designed for bidding teams

Got multiple bids, short deadlines and a lot of contributors?Connecting all the dots to submit a high quality bid on time, every time is hard (We know, we do it every day too).

That’s why we built a tool to centralise the entire bidding workflow – from scoping out tender docs to delegating work down to the final submission. So no more juggling… just crafting the best bids.

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Don’t miss a deadline

Delegate tender monitoring for specific regions, CPV codes, keywords across your team. Keep track of which bids are at which stage in the procurement process.

Reliable Technology

Software built and rigorously tested for its reliability to retrieve public procurement data.

Manual Reviews

Our team conducts daily manual reviews and spot checks to make sure nothing is missed.

Collaborate on bid production

Reduce the barriers for your coworkers or contractors to get involved in the bidding process. Create a clear bidding workflow for your organisation, so each person knows where they fit into the process, regardless of their role.

Smart tender data, faster bidding decisions

Use tender summaries to quickly screen each opportunity. Instantly transfer a new tender alert to your team’s bid workspace. Bring others into the conversation and delegate tasks for each part of the process.

A tool box meant for bidding teams

Build smoother processes with tools designed for working in procurement

Functionality for teamwork

Delegate tenders, build workflows, and collaborate on bid production directly on the platform

Monitoring over all of Europe

Full coverage of Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish tenders, plus all tenders for the rest of Europe above EU thresholds

Summarised tenders

Receive automatic summaries of tenders that fit each of your customised monitoring profiles​

Workflow and bid spaces

Build a workflow with our Kanban style sales board to manage all your company’s ongoing and finished tenders

Smart search tender documents

Search through all tender documents in one click to quickly identify possibilities and risks

Access control

Invite colleagues to different bid spaces and monitoring profiles based on their role

Email notifications

Configure email notifications to streamline your team’s tender monitoring and bid management

Tender documents

Access tender documents directly on the platform, so you don’t have to set up a profile just to assess each opportunity

"Succeeding with public procurement is vital for us as an agency group"

Christian Albinsson, Co-founder of the advertising agency network People People People

All your bid work. One platform.

Gather every tender and bid your company works on in one place. Centralise tender requirements, timelines, and bid task management.

So you can stop chasing details and just focus on bidding.

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