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Tender data and analytics, strategic bidding decisions

Find out how much your competitors are charging when they sell to the public sector. See individual payments made to a company from one or many public sector buyers. Evaluate the value of current contracts for more strategic pricing and bidding decisions.

Innovative suppliers win public tenders with Tendium

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Get unique insights on the public procurement market

The most comprehensive database of public sector payments

Market analysis

Understand the public sector market

Discover which companies in your industry sell to the public sector, and for how much.

Competitor analysis

Get to know your competitors

See which public sector customers your competitors sell to, and who their largest customers are.

Contract analysis

Assess the value of existing contracts

Check payments made between public buyers and their suppliers, use real data to calculate the value of future contracts.

What insights does this data offer?

Keep track of your competitors

Tendium’s competitor analysis gives you valuable knowledge about your competitors and their role in the public market. Get an in depth view of your industry and build a data driven sales strategy.

*Procurement payment data currently available only for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. But more EU countries coming soon!

What is the data analysis based on?

Let us manage the analysis for you

Though procurement data is publicly “available”, it is scattered and hard to access. Our competitor analysis is based on payments from the public sector, using data we’ve aggregated and organised from public agencies. This means you can query and compare the information you need in seconds, instead of requesting data manually from each government entity.

With Tendium, you receive an accurate and secure analysis of your competitors, with zero grunt work.


Send public sector payment data straight to your CRM or business system

We offer APIs and automatic data transfer to your business system so you can use your existing system to make data driven decisions.

Know your industry. Start making data based bidding decisions today.

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