Qualification tool

Speed up the tender qualification process

Tendium automatically summarises tender documents – no matter how many or how long they are. Get all the essential information in a compact, shareable format. So you can screen more tenders and make better decisions faster.

Innovative suppliers win public tenders with Tendium

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Spend more time on the right tenders

Smart data + efficient workflows = better bids

We’ve trained our AI to scan through all those boring documents and find what’s essential about each tender so you don’t have to. Delivered straight to your dashboard, tender summaries let you screen relevant opportunities in minutes, not hours.

Better focus

Easily assess whether you’re well matched; reduce the time spent on tenders that don’t quite fit.


More accessible information means you can make better and faster decisions on whether to bid.

Time over

Faster assessments leaves more time left over to write competitive, well supported bids.

Smart search documents

Dive deep into tender documents - in a fraction of the time

Use smart search to quickly identify competitive advantages, critical requirements, and risks across all tender documents or framework agreements.


Tight deadlines? No problem. Scope, assign, and organise bid work in minutes

Share tender summaries with your team mates and grant access to tender documents. Delegate work and ask questions side by side with the tender documents. Get high quality bids completed fast.

Customer Cases

There is a better way to participate in public procurement. But don't just listen to us!

Connect everyone involved in the bidding process

Bid team

Coordinate bid management with a workflow tool and powerful database built specifically for bidding teams

Decision makers

Give decisions makers centralised and summarised data, for quicker bidding decisions

Legal team

Make it easier for your legal and sales team to source answers to questions about each public tender


Connect leadership and sales managers to the bidding process with a workflow overview and reporting tools

It’s easy to get started

Start monitoring tenders and making faster business decisions today

Built with the user in mind

Tired of all those legacy procurement systems? So are we. That’s why we rely on a modern, intuitive user interface – to make working with public tenders as simple and straightforward as humanly possible.

For companies of all sizes

API and integrations

Send procurement data to your existing business and CRM systems

Support and help center

Fast in-app support and help center to quickly resolve any questions or problems

Enterprise security

Safer access with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Single Sign On (SSO)

Personalised onboarding

Expert help to configure your tender matching profiles and search criteria

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