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“With ‘document-based keyword search’ we have found new business opportunities that we didn’t expect and wouldn’t have found otherwise”

More business cases and new exciting opportunities are the result when Medicheck monitors public tenders using keyword search in documents on the Tendium platform. Now the company is bidding on contracts they never would have found otherwise.


Finding opportunities that they never would have found otherwise

Medicheck provides specialists in online healthcare and is made up of a network of over 280 specialist doctors and over 50 nurses. Medicheck offers a complement of specialist doctors to regular healthcare, with their customers being in the public and private sector. Christian Sandén is Medicheck’s Business United Manager. His job is to provide businesses with medical expertise digitally.

For a while Medicheck has been using keyword search, a search tool in Tendium’s tender monitoring. Keyword search not only looks through CPV-codes and descriptions found in procurement notices, but all attached documents as well.

Christian explains that being able to use keyword search in documents has transformed and expanded the company’s search results. Now they have the opportunity to find more relevant tenders.

“With normal monitoring you find pretty much what you expect. With keyword search in documents however we’ve found other, new business opportunities that we didn’t expect and couldn’t have found otherwise.“


Finding a contract worth millions thanks to keyword search in documents 

Christian tells us about two different types of situations where keyword search in documents let Medicheck find new and relevant opportunities. In one example Medicheck used keywords for specific medical specializations. Soon there was a result. 

They found a tender for medical services which was a good fit for the company. The contract in question had not been tagged with the words for the right specialization. The tender’s title, description and CPV-codes didn’t mention the services that were actually being procured. 

However in the tender documents there was information about the medical services the government agency actually wanted to buy – services that fit Medicheck perfectly. With keyword search they were able to find and bid on the tender even though the procurement notice didn’t contain Medicheck’s keywords in its title or tags.

“It’s a million kronor deal we wouldn’t have found and bid on without document-based keyword search”, Christian explains.


Unexpected opportunities when scanning tender documents

In another example of the new business opportunities keyword search has provided, Christian tells us about a potential takeover of a clinic in the south of Sweden. Medicheck used their common keywords to search for and find new tenders, but by also using keyword search in documents they were able to get more results and were also able to quickly find and read texts in the tender documents that are otherwise hard to locate. The tender was not the type of opportunity Medicheck usually partakes in, so they weren’t searching for it. 

Thanks to the ability to search tender documents, get more search results and pull up texts buried deep in procurement documents at the press of a button, Medicheck was able to find this opportunity with their usual keywords.

“With keyword search in documents we’ve found a potential takeover. It’s not something we usually look for but it was such an exciting opportunity that we decided we had to bid on it”, says Christian, who is happy with the new areas the company’s searches are opening up. 


Consultative support sets Tendium apart from other platforms

Besides the advantages of being able to search for keywords in tender documents Christian appreciates the close contact he says can only be found at Tendium. Tendium’s support allows the company to use the platform to its fullest and for work to move smoothly, without problems taking too long to resolve.

“Tendium has consultative support. They help us with questions big and small. That way they set themselves apart from other services and platforms for procurement and bidding. There’s also great business potential in that. Work smart with procurement with Tendium,” Christian concludes.



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