Why Tendium?
Why Tendium?

The future has come to public procurement

Today most bidding work is done manually, the same way it was done 20 years ago.

You have to copy and paste in various legacy systems. It wastes time, the risk of making a mistake is big, and you often don’t have enough data to make a competitive bid.

Breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence now make it possible to automate and streamline large parts of the procurement process, changing the public market for good.

We offer a digital bidding platform which makes bidding more efficient, gives you more control and makes sure the quality of your bids only gets better.

That’s why Tendium exists. We use AI to make it easy for companies to partake in public procurement and give them the best possible chance to succeed.

"The biggest advantage for us is the time saved, not least the time saved on risk management"

“As one of the world’s leading advisory and consultancy firms in construction and environmental engineering we have to always be up to date on new innovations that can improve our work both internally and towards customers. That applies to our bidding work too. As soon as I was contacted by Tendium I realized that this is a unique service no one else is offering. It was what we had been looking for for a long time.”

Mandi Hallstensson, Business Developer for one of the world’s leading consulting firms in construction and environmental engineering, WSP.

"Tendium’s service takes a modern approach where the end user is in focus"

“Before we had four different systems to compile public tenders every week – now we have one. All we have to do is find the tenders, then download the materials and look over the requirements and contract value. The time savings we get for each tender is procentually very big. It might not mean that we’ll send more bids, but we can work more wisely with the contracts we find or put more time into areas where we can create value for the company. If you work with public procurement, you have to use Tendium’s service. It’s obvious!”

Mats Johansson, Head of Sales and Marketing at the digital growth consultancy Bombayworks.

"As an agency network, it’s vital that we succeed with public procurement"

“We bid for numerous contracts every year and historically it hasn’t been a very structured process, but we’ve changed that. We partly use Tendiums various tools but we also have resources dedicated to our bidding work, keeping the group together. It’s efficient to work in a more structured way. We don’t miss any important contracts and can put time into the bids we have a real chance of turning into revenue.”

Christian Albinsson, Cofounder of the international PR-agency network People People People.