Tendium Announces New Collaboration with IBM for Digital Transformation of Public Procurement

IBM and Tendium collaborates

We at Tendium are happy to announce a new collaboration with IBM, where Tendium is now a part of IBM’s accelerator for innovative businesses. As a young tech company, we have benefited immensely from IBM’s professional experience, and we’re overjoyed that IBM shares our perspective: that public procurement is a market ripe for better, simpler and more efficient tools.


Public procurement is ready for a digital transformation

The public procurement market is vast, but services for suppliers to the public sector have largely lagged behind in terms of technological development. As a consequence, this means that the total amount of work needed in submitting tender bids is unnecessarily complicated, taking far longer than it needs to. However, Tendium’s platform has created a brand new way for suppliers to work with procurements and tender bids, driven by data-derived insights, automations and smart workflows. 

And the smart features captured the interests of IBM! Tendium is now an active participant in IBM’s accelerator program in Sweden, which has supported tech companies since 2018. With an extensive history of IT development and tech related research, IBM has a wealth of knowledge to share.

“We at Tendium are excited to be part of IBM’s accelerator program and we look forward to everything we can learn from the collaboration with IBM. Particularly interesting for us is their ecosystem and the cloud solution Watson – which is designed specifically for AI – and to see how it could make our platform even better for our customers,” says Oskar Lundgren, product manager and co-founder of Tendium.


IBM sees great potential in Tendium

Urban Roth heads the IBM Innovations Studio in Stockholm, and is a co-founder of IBM’s accelerator program. He is optimistic about Tendium’s future, and had the following to say about our new collaboration:

“We look forward to the collaboration with Tendium and to contributing both to the team’s growth journey and the goal of improving public procurement. As a well established business within the IT market ourselves, we know that procurement processes in a large organisation take up both a lot of resources and time. So we see great potential and are curious about them for IBM’s business as well.”

Tendium began its journey in 2018 and is now growing rapidly. Our overarching goal is to see a modern public procurement market where transparency, healthier competition and better spent tax revenue are essential aspects of all procurement processes. With our SaaS-based platform and proprietary AI, we have made it easier for companies to participate in public procurements. As procurement processes mature, this in turn will lead to an accelerating digitization of an incredibly important market that is estimated to globally turn over USD 13 trillion annually.

Elin Lööw

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