Tendium Product Roundup: August 2023

Product Roundup for August

Good news! Your bidding processes are getting even smarter and smoother. The Tendium platform is always improving and we are continuously working on releasing new and exciting features. In our Product Roundups, we share news on smart features and updates. 

During August, we launched and updated new requested features in the platform. They are:

  • Email notifications for procurement updates
  • General improvements


Let’s dive into what they’re all about!


Email Notifications for Procurement Updates

As the title suggests, you can now receive email notifications with information relating to important changes to procurement opportunities you are working with on in our platform.

As soon as you have identified one or more interesting procurement opportunities, and located these in one of your Bid Spaces, you will now receive email notifications on any changes that concern these opportunities. Changes to opportunities include; the publication of new procurement documents, the receipt of new questions and answers, and far more.

Email notifications are now a default setting.

Below is a list and brief description of all the changes that you can now be informed of via email:

  • Cancelled procurement 
    • The procurement is cancelled, and it is no longer possible to submit bids. Bids that have already been submitted will be removed/disqualified/withdrawn.
  • Bid submission date extended 
    • The final bid submission date has been extended, and you are still eligible to submit bids.
  • Bid validity period extended
    • The validity period – also known as the binding period – has been extended. The procurer has amended the length of time that bids are to remain valid, for instance, to accommodate an adjusted bid submission date.
  • Questions and answers deadline extended
    • The deadline for questions and answers has been extended, and you may still issue questions to the procuring agency.
  • Addenda and Further Information messages 
    • The procurer has issued an addendum or has released additional information regarding the procurement opportunity. This might include updated specifications, requirements, or other changes.
  • Award information 
    • A bid in your Bid Space has been awarded, and new/updated information concerning the selected supplier/winning bid has been made available.
  • New documents 
    • New documents concerning tender opportunities (in your Bid Space?) have been released. This notification is issued when new documents are released during the bidding period.
  • New questions & answers 
    • New or updated questions and answers have been released in connection to a tender opportunity (in your bid space?). Previously, to be notified of new questions and answers, you were required to express interest via the procurement tool on which the opportunity was published. As of now, this is no longer necessary, and you can receive these updates directly via the Tendium platform. This means that you can gather all questions and answers in a single space, avoiding the need to express interest in procurement opportunities that you might feel uncertain about participating in. 


With these new email notifications, we hope that you will have an even better overview of relevant changes that are important to your bidding processes. We are confident that they will allow you to save time and be more proactive!

Email notification for tender updates

General Improvements

Scrollbars in New Places in the Platform

To facilitate navigation in the platform, scrollbars have now been added to several pages. As requested by our customers, the tender details page, settings page and the left side panel now have scrollbars.

Scrollbars have been added to several pages on the platform to improve navigation and the user (your) experience. As requested by our customers, scrollbars are now present on:

  • The Settings Page – Accessed when navigating to ‘My Profile’.
  • The Left Side Panel – Which among other things, lists your Bid Spaces.
  • The Details Page – Which presents the summarised details of a tender


Bug Fix: Preview for New Documents

In August we discovered that new documents added to an existing procurement weren’t able to be previewed in the platform. This bug has now been fixed, and every document new and old can be both previewed and downloaded.

Stay up to date with what’s new in the platform with our Tendium Product Roundups!

Rebecca Forster

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