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Efficient Project Management of the Bidding Process – Why Is It Important?

Why efficient project management of the bidding process is so important

Bidding on public tenders is time-consuming work that requires efficient and well-designed processes. While focus often lies on regulations, requirements, and sales strategies, a bid is also a project that can be managed more or less efficiently.

In this article, we delve into why efficient project management is crucial in the bidding process, and how it impacts both the bid team and business outcomes.


Time-saving processes

Bidding can be a time-consuming endeavour. Reviewing lengthy tender documents, getting key information out of colleagues, organising the bidding process, and writing responses to all questions to be addressed. There’s a lot to keep track of.

In this type of work that involves numerous moving parts, coordination, and administration, improving processes can have a significant impact. Consider a task that may take 10 minutes. It’s quick, we think. Barely worth streamlining. However, once you perform 100 of those 10-minute activities, it’s suddenly crucial whether they take 5 or 10 minutes.

Efficient management of the bidding process reduces time spent on tasks such as downloading tender documents, reaching out to colleagues for information, identifying requirements, structuring the bid, and coordinating status and workload within the team.

The result is less time spent managing the bid, freeing up valuable hours for more important tasks.


Focusing on the right tasks

You’re probably familiar with the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of our efforts yield 80 percent of the results. This holds particularly true in work burdened by administration and inefficient processes.

When you and your bid team spend less time managing everything surrounding a bid, you can focus on writing truly excellent bids, proactively analysing the market, and other valuable work.


Clear communication

A consequence of inadequate project management is the need for extensive communication. It may be difficult to know what your colleague is working on, how far the team has progressed with a bid, who is responsible for what, and which tasks are still on the to-do list.

Good and efficient project management requires less communication, because the process itself communicates important information within the team. For example, the team can use a bid management tool where questions to be answered can be assigned to team members. 

This provides a clear overview of bids and their progress for everyone in the team.


Better collaboration

With clear communication and a good big picture comes better collaboration. Efficient project management makes responsibilities clear, reducing misunderstandings. Response collaboration is simplified by efficient communication. Taking over for an out of office colleague or a colleague who needs help becomes much easier.

In addition to hands-on project management, efficient tools for processing tender documents make it easier for colleagues to review business opportunities and make well-founded Go/No Go decisions. Read more about it in our article on automatic summaries.

When teamwork works well, it benefits both the psychosocial work environment and the results.


Increased job satisfaction

Focus on qualified tasks, clear communication, and good collaboration all contribute to job satisfaction. Improved project management can help an overworked bid team decrease stress levels and find time for long-term development.

A bid team with high job satisfaction is, of course, a better bid team, with the energy and desire to improve skills and results. 


Efficient project management with Tendium

The Tendium platform is built for efficient bidding processes. In Projects & Bids, you can collaborate on bids, generate AI bid responses based on previously submitted bids, and coordinate the entire bidding process.

Want to learn more about project management with Tendium? Book a free demo, and we’ll show you!

Elin Lööw

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